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Title: Conception et optimisation de la performance d’un module thermoélectrique pour génération d’énergie thermique ou électrique
Authors: ZOUI, Mohamed Amine
BENTOUBA, Said / Promoteur
BOUROUIS, Mahmoud / Co-Encadreur
Keywords: Energie renouvelable
Effets thermoélectriques
Module tubulaire
ANSYS Workbench
Efficacité du module tubulaire
conductivité thermique de la résine
Issue Date: 2022
Abstract: Most thermoelectric modules on the market follow a conventional configuration which is essentially in flat shape. The adaptation of these flat modules to a gas/liquid thermoelectric generation system involves complexity in the conception., unlike the tubular shape, which presents the most practical and simple configuration for its implementation with such medium. In this paper, the design and fabrication of a new finned tubular thermoelectric generator prototype is presented. The objective is to develop a simple, robust and compact design that can be easily integrated into gas/liquid thermoelectric conversion system, leading to a more cost effective installation. For this purpose, the design is based on three construction requirements: (i) the thermoelectric legs are quadratic and axially arranged, (ii) the module is assembled by resin making it in semi-rigid structure, (iii) the fins are annular and incorporated to the module. A numerical model is established to evaluate the physical parameters of the module, such as contact resistance and resin properties. We also simulated the thermal performance of the heat exchanger in order to define the optimal dimensional values such as fin height and fin spacing that can be adapted to the module. The output power of 25 mW and 600 mV as open-circuit voltage was generated during the test process under a temperature gradient of 60 °C.
Description: Option : Energie renouvelable
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