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Title: The Concept of Violence in Resistance to colonialism According to Frantz Fanon
Authors: Gueddouda, Atika
Belhamidi, Hadjer/ supervisor
Keywords: violence
armed struggle
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: University Ahmed Draya - Adrar
Abstract: The Martinican thinker Frantz Fanon, one of the most humanitarian intellectuals of the twentieth century, a man who devoted his life for the sake of decolonization, played an important role in the contemporary cultural discussion, and in establishing a liberal approach to resist all types of dominance and colonialism in Third World countries. He is considered as The Godfather of Violence because he believed that, to resist colonialism, the colonized must use violence or hard power. Fanon provoked the armed struggle as a kind of self-defense and the proclamation of the natural rights, believing that what is taken by power can only be restored by power, in order to be free from the cruelty of colonialism. This violence carried a positive and legitimate form. It unites people in one entity that is aware totally about the common case and its solution.
Description: Literature and Civilization
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