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Title: Le Sable de dunes
Other Titles: Etude de la résistance au cisaillement
Authors: BAKHOU, Mohammed Salah
LAABED, Abdallah
ABBOU, Mohammed / Promoteur
Keywords: Dune sand
angle of friction
الكثبان الرملية ، أدرار ، تيميمون ، الجيوتقنية ، زاوية الاحتكاك
Sable de dune, Adrar, Timimoun, géotechnique, Angle de frottement.
Génie Civil
Issue Date: 2022
Abstract: Dune sands are abundant in the southern regions of Algeria, wilaya d’Adrar and Timimoun, where they are widely used in the field of civil engineering and their physical and mechanical properties differ from one region to another. This study is an integral part of scientific research, which in turn helps us identify local resources and materials. Our study aims in particular to know the physical and mechanical properties of the sand dunes of the region of Adrar and the region of Timimoun, we analyzed four samples of the sand of the dunes extracted from the deposits, Bouda, Aoulef, Sali and Tinerkouk. In addition, the analyzes were carried out by identification tests, as well as by the rectilinear shear test at the box, which allows us to know the essential parameters, the most important of which is the angle of internal friction ϕ. Finally, this study can serve as a basis for the geotechnical study and/or use in civil engineering materials.
Description: Spécialité : Géotechnique
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