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Title: العائلة الفودية ودورها الإصلاحي في السودان الأوسط خلال القرن: 13 ه- 19 م
Authors: هداجي, محمد
جعفري, مبارك / مؤطر
Keywords: عثمان بن فودي
عبد لله بن فودي
محمد بيلو
السودان الأوسط
Ben Fodiyo’s family, Usman Ben Fodiyo, Abdullah Ben Fodiyo, Mohamad Bello, Central Sudan
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: جامعة احمد دراية - ادرار
Abstract: The study deals with, the family of Ben Fodiyo, one of the most prominent ancient Sudanese scientific families that had a great impact on society in Sub- Saharan Africa. The study begins by identifying the region of central Sudan. Then, it sheds light on the prominent figures of Ben Fodiyo’s family and its intellectual legacy during the 19th century. The study is limited to Shaykh Usman Ben Fodiyo, his brother Abdullah and his son Muhamad Bello. Then, we examine the reforms introduced by these figures and explore their reasons and aspects in the religious, cultural and social fields. We are also going to discuss the political and social reforms and their impact on the local and African levels in an attempt to link them to the civilizational influence in contemporary time.
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