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Title: Self Organization in Wireless Sensors Network Using Bio-inspired Mechanism
Authors: ZITA, Asma
KOUHILI, Mohammed / Promoteur
Keywords: Self-Organization
Ant Colony Algorithms
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Ahmed Draia University - Adrar
Abstract: Wireless Sensors Network (WSN) become in the last years a searching field, were the most researchers direct their efforts. Since this kind of networks suffers from its low battery criterion which presents a big challenge in face of new application development that can in a way enhance the performance of the network and in the same time affect its lifetime. The good systems should make a tradeoff between improving the network needs and conserving the overall energy. One of this systems is the self-organizing network, which benefits from its self-capabilities where exploring local information in its behaviors to reach a global objective. In our thesis, we propose a self-organizing Ant Colony Algorithm (ACA) in order to find an optimal path in an event monitoring application. The results of simulation show its performance in term of energy conservation and algorithm convergence.
Description: Networks and Intelligent Systems
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