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Title: Etude comparative entre deux systèmes énergétiques CSP et CPV dédiés pour une installation dans la région d’Adrar
Authors: Daouali, Ilyas
Harrouze, Abdelkader / Promoteur
Keywords: concentrators
heat transfer
Physique énergétique
énergies renouvelables
Issue Date: 17-Jun-2018
Publisher: Université Ahmed Draia - ADRAR
Abstract: This thesis focuses on a comparative study between two systems: the system Concentrated solar power [CSP] and the system Concentrated photovoltaics [CPV]. First, we mentioned the different kinds of renewable energy, and we tied to explain that these energies are another form of solar energy that one of the laws of heat transfer was responsible for it. Then we tried to explain the solar energy from it appearance in the core of the sun until it reaches the surface of the earth. After that, a comparative study from the point of view principals and design between the two systems is established. Later, we established also a thermo – electric model for each, and we simulate them ender the same parameters and the same requirements using System Advisor Model (SAM) software. We conclude that the CSP is more efficient than the CPV that witnessed strong disturbances in periods where the temperature of the module reaches high values. However, the two systems represent a good sustainable investment in regions where irradiance levels are very high as Adrar.
Description: Spécialité : Physique énergétique et énergies renouvelables
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