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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022السياسة الاستعمارية الفرنسية بالجزائر في المجال الديني1830/1900مكنتاوي, محمد; الجوزي, عبد الله; بوسعيد, احمد / مؤطر
2022الأمير عبد القادر الجزائري في كتابات المشارقةلمـشعشع, عبد القادر; يومة, عبد الباسط; بوسعيد, احمد / مؤطر
2022الأمير عبد القادر في الكتابات الأجنبيةHistorians and researchers from all over the world . including the French in studying the Algerian personality of prince Abdelkader. they analyze his ideas. policies and visions for the general affairs of the Algerian nation with its internal dimension and what was happening in the world with its external dimension / most of the writings agreed on the greatness and universality of the personality of prince Abdelkader .he was one of the most prominent leaders in the 19th century .whether in the military or political sphere. without forgetting the scientific .cultural and religious aspects of this personality which inspired the friend and the enemy . and forced the enemy to respect the purely Algerian model, if it is in the field of resistance in defense of land and religion, or in the political field by these wise and mighty steps in establishing the foundations and rules of the modern state in this geographical space; اولاد كادل, فاطمة زهراء; محمد, كلتوم; ختير, الصافي / مؤطر