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Title: The Effects of Modern Technologies on the Acquisition of EFL Vocabulary
Other Titles: A case study on B.A. degree students at the level of the university
Authors: BENBAHOU, Abderrezak
BOUHANIA, bachir / Supervised
Keywords: Linguistics and Didactics
Language Acquisition
Language learning
Foreign language
Second language
MALL (Mobile-Assisted Language Learning)
CALL (Computer-Assisted Language Learning)
اكتساب اللغة – تعلم اللغة - لغة ثانية - لغة اجنبية - تعلم اللغة بإعانة الهاتف - تعلم اللغة بإعانة الحاسوب.
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: University Ahmed DRAIA of Adrar
Abstract: Modern technologies have taken over our daily lives to the extent that only a few can resist living without them. Many students count on them in their studies. On the other hand, many others receive indirect assistance from these technologies. This work takes a linguistic view of this phenomenon, and it studies its direct and indirect effects on the acquisition of EFL (English as a Foreign Language) vocabulary. This work conducts a quantitative analysis on 59 BA degree students of English at the level of the University of Ahmed Draia, Adrar. The work tries to take a decent sample of students in order to have our research questions answered. It aims to optimize learning from the mentioned platforms because they are so much accessible to almost everyone. This process can be done by turning English from FLL (Foreign Language Learning) into FLA (Foreign Language Acquisition) It also aims to encourage utilizing these modern technologies in a positive way.
Description: Degree in Linguistics and Didactics
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