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Title: Code Switching among Students of French and English Departments
Other Titles: Two cases of Study at Ahmad Draia University, Adrar
Boukli, Reda / supervisor Hacene
Keywords: Linguistics and Didactics
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: University Ahmed DRAIA of Adrar
Abstract: This present work is intended to study Code Switching among Students of French and English Departments at the University Ahmad Draia, Adrar and figure out why these students tend to switch codes more than other students in this university. Algeria is known to be a multilingual country due to its history full of invasions and wars which brought various languages and created linguistic phenomena such as: multilingualism, bilingualism, diglossia and so on. Some of these phenomena will be briefly defined and examined in this work. This work will also shed some light on the history of Algeria to better understand it present linguistic situation. Finally, the general findings of the analysis of the data will be given in the general conclusion
Description: Degree in Linguistics and Didactics
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