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Title: تأثير القيم الإجتماعية على الفعل التنظيمي لدى العامل الجزائري
Other Titles: دراسة ميدانية بالمديرية الولائية للبريد وتكنولوجيات الإعلام والإتصال بأدرار
Authors: بن عثمان, أم الخير
بوكميش, لعلى / مؤطر
Keywords: القيم
الفعل الاجتماعي
الفعل التنظيمي
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: جامعة أحمد دراية - ادرار
Abstract: Our study is a descriptive analytical study,aimed to detect the effect of social values on organisationnel act,where we worked on the link between social values and discipline of workers at work and the impact of professional relations to these values.As well as the link between social values,work procédures and Professional problems to see how affected the society prevailing values, this linkage form of the projected study assumptions on post Directorate for information and communication technologies field in Adrar,this latter who has Socio-cultural privacy that would give a special turn to the results of the study. It has been recruited to conduct this study the descriptive approach and two form techniques supported with shared note to take part, distributed to the research community members through a comprehensive survey which was obtained on 52forms represented them. After conducting operations using SPSS statistical software and get the frequency tables that have been statistically and sociologically analyzed. It was reached in the last to answer the central question of the study where it was ascertained the existence of the influence of social values on organizational act of workers in institution under study. Where we find Socio-cultural given plays a key role in the organization,where social values (cultural,moral,economic, ...)pose a real given in the Algerian society,they enter all areas of life,and are an organizationally impediment to devote rational organizational culture,which is the real bet for the success of enterprises.
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