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Title: الترجيح بدلالة السياق عند ابن عطية ت 546 ه في تفسيره المحرر الوجيز من أول سورة البقرة إلى آخر سورة الأنعام
Other Titles: جمعا ودراسة
Authors: بوعكاز, علي
دباغ, محمد / مؤطر
Keywords: ابن عطية
المحرر الوجيز
سورة الأنعام
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: جامعة أحمد دراية - ادرار
Abstract: The thesis consider as a pratical research about Tafsir Ibn Atia – constructive of Koran- what is named: ALMOHARAR OUA ALWAJIZ FI TAFSIR ALKITEB AGAZIZ. The special subject treated in this thesis is meaning of context ( what comes before and after a word) because Ibn Atia used this styl as a way of chances between the defferent opinion and to chose the right one. I will in this work to collect the sites where Ibn Atia used the context for his chosen from bigin of Al-Baqarah to last of Al-an'am and i will study and analysis it . after that i give it a name as: weighing with context at Tafsir Ibn Atia from bigin of Al-Baqarah to last of Al-an'am.-Collecting and treating- Summary Search First i begin with a preface contain biography of Alimam Ibn Atia and a few informations about his tafsir. Than i put a section named: marks and signs in weighing and context and meaning. I give in a difinition of weighing and a kind of context and meaning and there importances. This in the theoric side. In the pratical side where i fix my study; i already track the chances of Ibn Atia with context in surat AL-BAQARA , AL-E-IMRAN, AN-NISA, AL-MAEDA, AL-ANAAM. At each site i copy the verses than i study every opinion (its sourse, and who say it from AS-SAHABA and who came after them) , then i copy chances of Ibn Atia with a face of affirmation and with exemple and which kind of context he used , than i compare it with Chances of IBN JARIR, and ABI HAYANE and AL-KORTOBI and IBN-ACHOR and A-CHANKITI. Then, i ended the study of each verse with the right Chances granted and confirmed by proof. In conclusion, i put the research results .
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