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Title: القيادة وتمثل القيم الإسلامية بالمؤسسة الجزائرية
Other Titles: دراسة ميدانية بمديرية التربية بأدرار
Authors: بركات, حليمة السعدية
بوكميش, لعلى / مؤطر
Keywords: القيم
القيم الإسلامية
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: جامعة أحمد دراية - ادرار
Abstract: This study aims to revealing the extent to which the leader adopts and realizes the Islamic values which are: counseling, Justice, workmanship, initiative and honesty in the Algerian Public institution. This latter ha d been related to the style of leadership adopted by the leader and his personal and professional characteristics. We have based our research on the descriptive and the analytical approach. This study was conducted in the Directorate of Education of Adrar, and was applied on two categories: 1) the leaders, who were 20, on whom an overall survey was conducted. 2)a sample of subordinates, who were 63 and chosen in a deliberate way, in order to measure the type of leadership used by the leader_ according to their point of view_ and the degree to which he applies the Islamic values. In order to obtain the data related to the area of research, the techniques of questionnaire and the five-level Likert scale were adopted. Finally, the research hypotheses were largely verified. The most important results are: 1. There is an average relationship between the personal and professional characteristics of the leader, and the extent to which he realizes the Islamic Values in the Algerian Public institution. 2. The type of leadership used by the leader differs according to the situation, and the type adopted affects his realization of the Islamic values in the Algerian Public Institution. 3. The degree of practice of the Islamic values concerning counseling, justice and honesty is average compared to workmanship and initiative which are highly realized by the leaders In the Algerian Public Institution, specifically the directorate of Education in Adrar.
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