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Title: شرح الأحاديث المقرية للشيخ محمد باي بن عمر الكنتي ت 1348 ه باب النكاح
Other Titles: دراسة وتحقيق
Authors: حرمة, بوفلجة
دباغ, محمد / مؤطر
Keywords: المقري
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: جامعة أحمد دراية - ادرار
Abstract: The research aims at reviewing a section of the book of interpretation to traditions about provisions, this book is an extensive explanations of Al-Maqarrya traditions collected by the Chief Justice of Imam Abu Abdullah al-Maqarry of Tlemcen of the Maliki doctrine, died in (759 AH), in his book, “Al-Badii Al-Ssaghir and Al-Kabir Fi Al-Fa’idah”, named "an act of medicine for those who love"; a collection of a series of provisions tradition which comprise five hundred tradition, and jurisprudence series, rules jurisprudence, and jurisprudence terms. And the person who explained these traditions is one of the investigators, knowledgeable people to whom Allah combined the knowledge of tradition, and experience in jurisprudence "and drinking one's fill in the language sciences," as well as the exercise of the judiciary, a renowned Maliki expert in the Azawad desert, is Sheikh Mohammed Bai Bin Omar Alkounty, deceased the year (1348 AH ), which belongs to the renown Kunta tribe in the Sahara, which are attributed to the prophet Uqba Al-Fihri buried in Biskra, Algeria. The Sheikh originated from Tlemcen on a long journey to spread the tribe throughout the Great Sahara, and his family settled in the Azawad desert, and the commentator started to interpret these traditions, indicating the degree, explaining their wording and vocabulary, deriving most important provisions thereof, an extract of the intricacies of scientific and details, and exhibiting the issues that it contained, discussing doctrines in a scientific manner away from intolerance and prejudice, and to my knowledge, the book was the first explanation of these traditions, which included evidence of provisions. The part that I attempted to review includes a volume on marriages and personal status, (what relates to the issues of marriage, engagement, divorce, the divorced waiting period, breastfeeding, custody, kinship, adoption, and marital cohabitation ...) and I have prepared a study of the author and the book, and then study the interpreter and his book, and in the reviewing part, I authenticated its verses, traditions, and reports, and put in the end general indexes for general benefit with Allah’s help for success.
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