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Title: مسائل محمد بن عبدالرحمان بن عمر التنلاني التواتي ت 1233 ه
Other Titles: دراسة وتحقيق
Authors: علي, محمد
جرادي, محمد / مؤطر
Keywords: محمد بن عبد الرحمان بن عمر التنلاني
المسائل الفقهية
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: جامعة احمد دراية - ادرار
Abstract: This paper discusses some questions and cases raised by Mohammed ben Abderahman the son of Omar Touati who died in 1233 H. This paper and for the first time does tackles a scholar who has not been fairly studied. The book consists of some Fatwas in fiqh collected by his student Med ben Abderahman ,Chikh Abdolah ben Abi Madian from Tamntit city who also added some other fatwas of Touat’s scholars. He also suggested some of Cheikh’s Mohammed ben Ahmed Bedaoui Albekri’s fatwas. In my inquiry I have relied upon two copies of manuscript. A manuscript we found in Alhaj ahmed Chikh’s library in Anzadjmir city with the code “N” ; the second copy in BAkriyeen’s library in Tmantit city with the code” T” . Each copy deals with some of the questions not similar to the ones in the other copy. The study is divided into two chapters: The first chapter is subdivided into four parts. The first part tackles the biography of Mohammed ben Abderahman ben Omar Tenlany from Tout city: his birth, family, education, his career and his travel to Saljelmasa city, his teachers and the teaching circle he held for the fatwas and finally his death. The second chapter tackles Mohammed ben Abderahman Tenally Touati’s era and the political and social situation in that time. The third chapter is an introduction to the different issues and the importance of the Fatwa and also the different position of the Fatwas scholars in the Maliki jurisprudence and the methods adopted by the Maliki in classifying the issues of the Fatwas. The fourth chapter is about a study by Mohammed ben Abderahman Tenaly Touati in which we mention his book , its title and its different sources and the technique of the collection ,his method in adapting with the issues by Abo Hilal. Second, here we come to the investigation part , where we compare between the two manuscript highlighting the differences and the biography of the scholars as possible as we can and some comments on some questions. The conclusion consists of some recommendations that we have from the study. Our appendices consists of: Appendix of The Quran verses. The Prophetic Hadeeth The Scholars Some of the Fiqh issues The Themes
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