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Title: The American-Barbary Wars 1801-1816
Authors: LAKHDAR, Larbi
BORSALI, Fewzi / supervisor
Keywords: Barbary States
United States
Foreign Relationship
Ottoman Empire
Tripoli Relations
Issue Date: 20-Jun-2019
Publisher: Ahmed Draia University - Adrar
Abstract: Wars that flare between one country and another are mainly due to the oppressive policies applied on the weakest country. However, the constant oppression leads a country first, to subdue, then, to resist and to fight back when obtaining power. The American- Barbary wars 1801-1816 are a clear example for the oppressive policies that the Barbary States practiced on the United States. After the independence, American ships were unable to sail in the Mediterranean Sea due to the piratical practices of the Barbary States. But the United Sates could build a strong navy by which she could overwhelm these states and achieve supremacy in the waters.
Description: Anglophone Literature and Civilization entitled
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