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Title: الجوانب من الحياة الاجتماعية والاقتصادية في منطقة وادي مزاب خلال القرن 13ه/19م
Authors: الشيخ يحمد, منير
جعفري, مبارك / مؤطر
Keywords: وادي مزاب
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: جامعة أحمد دراية -ادرار
Abstract: The geographical location of the Wadi Mazab area gave natural immunity from enemy attacks to the inhabitants of those who had already lived there, which helped those who sought refuge there. They added civilization to a civilization that preceded and established palaces according to Islamic principles and coexisted with harsh natural conditions. Social life was characterized by social solidarity and cooperation, which caused the population to resist natural difficulties and to harness their mental and physical potential to continue. The geographical position played a role in revitalizing the region's economy, mediated by the states of Algeria in NorthSouth trade after the disappearance of neighboring markets
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