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Title: The American Civil War
Other Titles: Causes, Main Events, and Results (1861-1865)
Authors: Bigua, Khadidja
Rabhi Rabhi Mahlal, Fatiha
Keywords: American Civil War
African Americans
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Ahmed Draia University - Adrar
Abstract: The Civil War was one of the greatest tragedies in the history of America. It emerged between two opponents: the North and the South. The two sections developed differently, and each is believed to have its own way of living. They were in conflict overstates' rights, tariffs, slavery, and elections. But the greatest problems between the North and the South werethe economic differences. The South was agricultural, andthe North was industrial. In order to compete the Northern economy, Southerners needed slave forces. The North did not allow this and sought to abolish slavery from the completeAmerican territory. The great tension ended up in a war between the newly formed Confederacy, and the Union. It was the bloodiest periods in American history. The Union army won all wars against the Confederate army. The Confederate rejoined the Union, and they were forced to freeall slaves. The post-war (1865-1877) witnessed giving some rights to Afro-Americans. Lincoln planned to restore the South before the ending of the war. This was carried out by Andrew Johnson after Lincoln’s assassination. The reconstruction plans were proposed in order to restore the South and free slaves. The plans were proposed by Republicans. Republicans were radicals, and they passed a number of anti-slavery laws. Republicans also proposed new laws to punish the South; inaddition, they wanted to give freedom to Afro-Americans. Eventually, African-Americans became an active part in the American society, especially after the proclamation of the Thirteenth and the Fourteenth Amendment.
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