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Title: L'extraction des informations utiles dans le séchage solaire des courbes d’isotherme de sorption des dattes d'Aghammou de Touat
Authors: BOUSALAH, Noura
MEDIANI, Ahmed / promoteur
Keywords: Physique Energétique
Isotherm of desorption
Gravimetric method
Saturated saline solutions
Solar Drying
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Université Ahmed Draia - ADRAR
Abstract: The sorption isotherm curves are of great importance in the field of solar drying, industry and storage thanks to the information extracted from the curves, for determining the equilibrium water content of a product to be dried. The determination of these isotherms is an indispensable stage to know the distribution and the intensity of the water links in the products to be tested. The isotherms permit to determine the final quantity of water to be reached to optimize the conditions of the drying of these products and give precious information on the hygroscopic equilibrium. Thus, the present work intends to determine, experimentally, the isotherms of desorption of a local agro alimentary product (dates), the, using Date the method of the saturated saline solutions,. (The experience is achieved for two values of temperature 40 °C and 55 °C), to study the influence of the temperature on the curves of equilibrium of the product and finally to describe the isotherm of desorption of the Date Aghammou variety for each of the two temperatures with the help of the most known models: GAB, BET, OSWIN … of the experimental points found.
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