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Title: انعكاسات التمويل الفلاحي على حوكمة بنك الفلاحة والتنمية الريفية
Other Titles: وكالة ادرار من منظور موظفي الوكالة
Authors: العرابي, مريمة
ناسوا, سارة
بن عبد الفتاح, دحمان / مؤطر
Keywords: التمويل
التمويل الفلاحي
الحوكمة المؤسسية
الحوكمة المصرفية
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: جامعة أحمد دراية - ادرار
Abstract: This study aims to identify the impact of agricultural funding for agriculture and rural development Bank governance, assessing the role of agricultural finance in strengthening governance, by dropping the most important indicators on finance operations, a field study analysis method of access at last to the range of results mainly agricultural loans have considerable economic importance, in addition to the labour force in this sector is increasing markedly, reflecting customer confidence in the Bank and, more importantly, reflect the principles of Corporate governance is imperative for the Bank to maintain its continuity and prestige, adding that governance reduce banking risks, fights financial and administrative corruption rampant in the banking sector.
Description: مالية وبنوك
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