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Title: دور ممارسات عمليات ادارة المعرفة في تطوير راس المال البشري
Other Titles: دراسة ميدانية في كلية العلوم الاقتصادية والتجارية وعلوم التسيير
خلال الفترة من 2/2018 الى 3/2018
Authors: اولاد دحمان, زهرة
تيقاوي, العربي / مؤطر
Keywords: ادارة المعرفة
راس المال البشري
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: جامعة أحمد دراية - ادرار
Abstract: This study aims to identify the importance of using knowledgemanagement processes in the development and improvement of human capita. 65 questionnaires were distributed to professors of the Faculty of Economic and Commercial Sciences and Management Science at university of Adrar in order to gather the needed data. To analyze the data, the SPSS software was used based on ANOVA analysis and simple linear regression.The study concluded that there is a strong correlation between the two variables subject of study. The study also found that knowledge in the matters related to college administration contributes greatly in identifying problems and helps to find solutions in an innovative and continuous way.Most professors are emotionally connected to their workplaces, which keep them in the university
Description: ادارة الاعمال
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