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Title: Traitement de l'image thermique pour la détection des zones défectueuses des panneaux solaires photovoltaïques
Authors: KEDDI, Abdelhamid
FOUDOU, Brahmane
Hamouda, Messaoud / promoteur
Keywords: Physique Energétique
Energie renouvelable
vision industrielle
thermographie infrarouge
techniques d'analyse d'images thermiques
maintenance préventive
Issue Date: 2-Jun-2014
Publisher: Université Ahmed Draia - ADRAR
Abstract: The work presented in this memoir comes within the frame work of renewable energy with using the techniques of industrial vision. Infrared thermography is effective method for control and non destructive evaluation. Thanks to evolution study and the thermal impulse observed on the surface with an infrared camera, subsurface features are detectable. We treat the pictures detected by infrared camera with techniques of analysis the thermals pictures for to detect exactly the segments of defectiveness in the photovoltaic panel for most output of production. In this context, this treatment is classified under the preventive maintenance.
Description: Physique Energétique
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